How To Trim A Beard

Gone are those days, when in order to grow a beard men would just stop shaving. Today’s men do not want an untidy appearance. Even if the look is rugged they want it to be specially created. Moreover, a number of beard styles have come up lately. It has become, therefore, increasingly important that you have a special guide to trim your beard. And in this article about “how to trim a beard”, we are going to provide you with those tips and ideas.


First arrange for the things that you require to trim the beard. They are a mirror, a comb and scissors or electric trimmer.


Then is the stage of preparation. Rinse your beard and shampoo it. Do not forget to get hold of a good beard shampoo. And always wait for the beard to get dry before you trim it. Wet beard will look longer and you may end up trimming more than required.

The Trimming

When the beard is dry and all ready to be trimmed be prepared with the tools. You can use scissors as it is an excellent option especially, if you want to trim your mustache or the hard-to reach areas. Get the scissors of a professional quality. First comb the beard in a single direction. And after they have become perfectly nice and straight, start trimming those hairs that remain outside the comb. If you have just begun beard trimming then cut very small portions in the beginning because you do not want to get any irregular finish owing to your lack of experience.

Now, if you are using a beard trimmer, you can simply hold the beard trimmers in place with comb and then run the trimmer along the length of the comb. Beard trimmers are often studded with loads of settings to guide you in having the perfect beard. If you are a beginner, try trimming with the long beard setting.


When it comes to the length of the beard, striking a balance can be difficult. In order to avoid any indiscrepancy you can opt trimming one side from down the ear, and repeating the same on the other side.

The beard trimmer will also help you in achieving a proper neck line so that your beard looks even more well-defined. For trimming stubble, remove the trimming guide and always use the trimmer vertically. In order to avoid excess trimming you should start the procedure from the edge of the beard line.

If you prefer stubble on your face, then set the trimmer at close setting like 1.5 mm or 2.5 mm. Once again, do not trim much. Otherwise, it will look uneven and spotty.

The last tip that I would like to render is that it is very important to give your beard finishing touches; especially if you have opted for any stylish beard design. After going through this article, it is hoped that now every one of you have a clear idea of how to trim your beard.

Revlon Ionic Hair Dryer Review

When most people think of hair dryers, they have the assumption that they are do the same thing. This assumption is not correct. Many hair dryers, especially newer models, contain extra features and tools that allow to you style the hair much better than ordinary hair dryers. Revlon is known for its quality cosmetics and beauty products. I recently purchased the Revlon 1875 Tourmaline Ionic hair dyer at my local Wal-Mart. This hair dyer has some qualities that I really love and some not so much.


Revlon’s Ionic hair dyer has a silver finish with black attachments. The cord of the dryer is black as well as the buttons, with an exception of a blue “cool” button. The hair dryer itself is pretty lightweight and can be held easily while trying to dry the hair. The only downfall of the appearance is that with the attachments, the hair dryer is quite bulky and can be hard to maneuver around my head while drying.


As for the features of the Revlon Ionic hair dryer, it contains three button choices. The top is a small blue round button that has a white snowflake on the front. This is the cooling button that is used towards the end of the hair drying process in order to cool down your hair so that it’s easier to manage while styling. The next button that is located underneath the cooling button is a switch that has two choices; hot and warm. Choosing which of these you’d like depends on you and how much time you have to dry your hair. The third button has three choices. The top is the high button, the button is the low button, and leaving it in the middle is the off button. If you want the hair dryer to blow out more air, you would pick the high and for a soft air flow, the low button would be your choice.


The Revlon Ionic hair dryer comes with two attachments that simply snap onto the front nozzle of the hair dryer. The first attachment is the diffuser which allows you to style a certain section of hair at a time. It has a small rectangular end that directs the air to about an inch of hair at a time. The second attachment is a volumizing tool. This round attachment is about six inches in diameter and blows volume into your hair. It can be a bit clumsy to use because of it’s size but it does the job. These attachments can easily be removed when needed.

Revlon Ionic Hair Dryer Pros and Cons

I liked the Revlon hair dyer because it was easy to use, looked attractive and the tools help me to easily manage and style my hair quickly. I have short hair so it only takes me about three to four minutes to completely dry my hair with this hair dryer. The negatives of the Revlon Ionic hair dryer is that for one, it can be hard to handle with the attachments on. The second negative aspect of this hair dryer is the third button that contains the high, low and off button. When I try to dry my hair, my finger always accidentally presses this button and turns off the machine. These buttons basically take up the entire handle of the hair dryer so this can be hard to avoid.


I would recommend the Revlon 1875 Tourmaline Ionic hair dryer to those who are looking for an inexpensive hair dryer that will dry your hair quickly. It allows you to create volume and style within minutes. Revlon creates great products and this hair dryer is one that I would buy again.

Aroma ARC-733G Rice Cooker

The Aroma ARC-733G is a three cup rice cooker. It can cook up to six cups of cooked rice. You can also use it to steam seafood, vegetables, and meats. You can find this model for an average price of $20. The ARC is said to be the best brown rice cooker.


The Aroma ARC-733G rice cooker is equipped with an aluminum cooking pot. The pot doesn’t have a non-stick Teflon coating like most other models on the market. Therefore, rice may stick to the bottom of the pot, but can easily be removed after soaking for a little while.


The Aroma ARC-733G is fitted with a tempered glass lid. Complete with a steam vent, the lid does a good job retaining moisture and heat inside the machine so your rice turns out fluffy and moist each time. Also, since the lid is made from glass, you can easily see how your rice is cooking inside without having to remove the lid and lose heat and moisture.


The Aroma ARC-733G is simple to operate. You simply have to pour in your desired amount or rice and the appropriate amount of water and turn the unit on. After it has finished cooking your rice, it will automatically switch to a keep-warm mode. This mode keeps your rice moist and hot without overcooking it.


The Aroma ARC-733G isn’t just useful for cooking rice. You can also use it to steam meats and vegetables too. The rice cooker is packaged with a wire rack that you fit inside the unit for this purpose.


The Aroma ARC-733G is packaged with a few useful accessories. They includes a measuring cup for measuring rice and water to add into the machine. You’re also provided with a rice spatula so you can easily remove your food from the machine. You’re also provided with the aforementioned steaming rack.

The Aroma ARC-733G rice cooker can prepare up to six cups of cooked rice at once. It is also packaged with a wire rack that you can use to steam meats and vegetables. The tempered glass lid retains moisture and heat inside the unit and allows you to see inside without having to remove it.

ASUS Craftsmanship In Laptops

Asus has uniquely crafted each of their laptops to offer you these to versatile industry. The laptop has a complete Size SD card reader slot. It appears like they’ve succeeded thus far, especially when speaking about ASUS laptops. There’s a major enough laptop at quite sensible prices! These aren’t gaming laptops and aren’t appropriate for application like AutoCAD, Revit etc.. Search for the more recent G752VS, however, and you’re going to discover a 96 watt-hour battery.

The business’s major intention is to present excellent IT solutions to endow individuals and along with the business enterprises. A number of them are unavailable for sale yet. You might observe a little bit of a problem with the G752VT’s GTX 970M. The issue, clearly, is that almost all users will shed the little rubber stoppers in a few hours. Should it, then switch off the system and totally reassemble the laptop. Not everybody may appreciate the aesthetic, but it isn’t hugely damaging to the system. If that’s the case you will only able to replace any current memory module Iff that’s the slot.

To finish off, there’s a one gigabit Ethernet port and the normal audio jacks. And simply to note, an HDMI cable isn’t included. Wireless connectivity is every bit as impressive. However, because this laptop is touchscreen enabled and bigger in contrast to Asus L402SA-WH02-OFCE, it’s little heavier.

Tickets can be purchased at The price update each month. Nevertheless, the new selection of Asus laptops are just stunning. In addition, there are just 3 levels of backlight brightness. Color accuracy was a distinct strong point because of an ordinary delta error of simply 1.87. More information about your system will assist in checking on that which we are able to do to provide help. In addition, it will come with built-in Intel HD 620 graphics that’s capable of running Minecraft smoothly.