How To Trim A Beard

Gone are those days, when in order to grow a beard men would just stop shaving. Today’s men do not want an untidy appearance. Even if the look is rugged they want it to be specially created. Moreover, a number of beard styles have come up lately. It has become, therefore, increasingly important that you have a special guide to trim your beard. And in this article about “how to trim a beard”, we are going to provide you with those tips and ideas.


First arrange for the things that you require to trim the beard. They are a mirror, a comb and scissors or electric trimmer.


Then is the stage of preparation. Rinse your beard and shampoo it. Do not forget to get hold of a good beard shampoo. And always wait for the beard to get dry before you trim it. Wet beard will look longer and you may end up trimming more than required.

The Trimming

When the beard is dry and all ready to be trimmed be prepared with the tools. You can use scissors as it is an excellent option especially, if you want to trim your mustache or the hard-to reach areas. Get the scissors of a professional quality. First comb the beard in a single direction. And after they have become perfectly nice and straight, start trimming those hairs that remain outside the comb. If you have just begun beard trimming then cut very small portions in the beginning because you do not want to get any irregular finish owing to your lack of experience.

Now, if you are using a beard trimmer, you can simply hold the beard trimmers in place with comb and then run the trimmer along the length of the comb. Beard trimmers are often studded with loads of settings to guide you in having the perfect beard. If you are a beginner, try trimming with the long beard setting.


When it comes to the length of the beard, striking a balance can be difficult. In order to avoid any indiscrepancy you can opt trimming one side from down the ear, and repeating the same on the other side.

The beard trimmer will also help you in achieving a proper neck line so that your beard looks even more well-defined. For trimming stubble, remove the trimming guide and always use the trimmer vertically. In order to avoid excess trimming you should start the procedure from the edge of the beard line.

If you prefer stubble on your face, then set the trimmer at close setting like 1.5 mm or 2.5 mm. Once again, do not trim much. Otherwise, it will look uneven and spotty.

The last tip that I would like to render is that it is very important to give your beard finishing touches; especially if you have opted for any stylish beard design. After going through this article, it is hoped that now every one of you have a clear idea of how to trim your beard.

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